The idea behind GripFixer

In January ´17 the idea came to me. I had several training sessions during that week - with youth players that actually had talent. But during that particular week, I had given all too many friendly reminders to the players - when they were standing ready to fire away an overhandstroke with the infamous ”pan handle” grip; aka using the same grip as when handling your frying pan..

It may seem natural when reaching out for a racket, to use the same grip as one would use when grasping the frying pan. However it so doesn’t work. And trying to correct kids using this particular grip has taken up an enormous amount of time over the years...something needed to be done.

During the next 20 months I developed and tested GripFixer, in order to understand an find a solution to this particular issue. 

In the early days I used pins, or would draw lines on the racket. Even duck tape the kids fingers to the racket. Each solution with some obvious problems.

GripFixer solved all these grip challenges.

Pursuing different routes, the final solutions suddenly materialized out of the blue...and when it came, I started straight ahead, with developing and testing. I thought about "all the coaches, parents, and especially children who would enjoy it."

At first there was some laughs when placing and demonstrating the fix to the handle of an old broken racket. The next steps required some competent people. This meant collaboration with DTU (Danish Technical University) to design and develop GripFixer. In the meantime, I tested it on a lot of youth players and received feedback from other top-coaches - it all took time and effort - but since I really wanted to deliver a good product, I didn’t want to hurry the process and compromise quality.

And now – here it is.

The GripFixer!

The person behind GripFixer

The inventor and owner of GripFixer is me - Morten Dannerfjord.

I have been working as a coach since 2002. Coaching all levels of youth players - from beginners to medalists at European championships, at all ages. In short - I would humbly say, that I know what I am talking about.

  • Highly educated - Educated with a DBF 3 from the Danish "Coaching school" in Aalborg.
  • Worked as an youth elite coach at Aarhus AB, Højbjerg, Solrød, Værløse, Lillerød, Hillerød, and Skovshoved. Four years as youth head coach in Skovshoved.
  • Performance analyst for the Danish national team.
  • Educated with a Master's degree in Sport Science, and in Sport and Exercise Psychology.
  • Teacher at coaching courses.


Here at GripFixer is it very important to us that:

  • Beginners have a great experience with badminton, so that we can keep them in the sport longer, and they can have some great experiences with badminton.
  • Our costumers are given the best service.

Development of GripFixer

GripFixer has been designed and developed in cooporation with DTU (Danish Technical University)

With feedback from alot of danish top coaches. 

Over the past 20 months GripFixer has been tested on hundreds of youth players - from beginners to eliteplayers.

All the above to ensure a good ergonomic and make sure the product works as intended.

Here is just a small list of the coaches who have contributed with feedback:

Steen Thomsen - "Coach of the year - 2018". Head coach in Kolding. Kolding has for the past couple of years been the leading elite youth club. For the past 3 years they have been the most winning club at the Danish national championships.

Rune Ulsing - U15 national head coach. Head coach for both youth and senior at Hvidovre.

Thomas Vitting - Contributed with knowledge and experience to several sections in the educational material for "Miniton" (parent- and kids badminton concept). Head coach for Solrød's beginners department for many years. Works as school teacher on a daily basis.

Peter Arvedsen - Nominated for "Coach of the year" 2017 and 2018. Head coach in Lyngby.

Mikkel Assing - Youth Head coach and ass. league-coach in Værløse. Previously worked as head coach in Viby J. and helped them to the top of Danish talentdevelopment for youth players.

Nadia Lyduch - Has been Head coach in Greve (both youth and senior). Worked with alot of players formerly and currently training at the national badminton center.