Unfortunately there is no version for left-handers yet (working on it, but it might take months before there will be a left-handed version). 

The model that is available at the moment, is designed for righthanded players. It is not a perfect match, but it can be used for lefthanded players - but only for the forehandgrip. We are working on creating a version for lefthanded players.

Size guide

GripFixer is not age specific, but on the other hand determined by the size of the persons fingers and hands. Below is a size guide to help you choose the right size.

GripFixer is dependent on the outer part of the thumb. 


Length of the outer part of the thumb (in cm)



Less than 2,4 cm (about 4-7 years)

More than 2,4 cm (about 7-13 years or a normal woman sized hand)