Frequently asked questions

Question: "Should I choose SMALL or MEDIUM?"

Answer: That depends on length of the fingers. We have made a guide to choose the correct size. Click here to see it

Question: "Which rackets does GripFixer fit?"

Answer: GripFixer is designed to fit the most common models from the bigger racket producers. Click here to se which

Question: "How do I grip correctly?"

Answer: We have made some short and detailed video-guides on how to grip correctly, and the typical mistakes. Click here to see them

Question: "How do I apply GripFixer on the racket?"

Answer: We have made a video-guide on how to apply GripFixer correctly on the racket. Click here to see it. You can also download the mountingmanual in pdf-format - click here

Question: "For how long should GripFixer be used?"

Answer: It is very difficult to give a specific answer to this question. Players learn the correct grip at a different pace. The same goes for learning it with GripFixer, but we recommend that you regularly test whether the player can use the correct grip without GripFixer.

Question: "Can it be used for lefthanded players?"

Answer: The model that is available at the moment, is designed for righthanded players. It is not a perfect match, but it can be used for lefthanded players - but only for the forehandgrip. We are working on creating a version for lefthanded players.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us - by clicking here