GripFixer - Small - Right handed

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To learn the correct grip in badminton is difficult - very difficult. GripFixer makes the learning process funnier, faster, and easier.

GripFixer is a completely new product, which helps players to hold the correct grip - both forehandgrip and backhandgrip - by guiding the placement of the fingers.

GripFixer is:

  • Tested and recommended by DGI badminto(DGI is together with Badminton Denmark the official Danish associations behind badminton in Denmark). 
  • Designed and developed in cooperation with DTU (Danish Technical University), and with feedback from a lot of Danish top-coaches - see which here
  • Tested on hundreds of youth players at all levels 
  • Recommended by a lot of top-coaches - see some of them here
  • It is used by more than 85% of the Top 30 clubs in DK

GripFixer is designed to fit the most common models from the bigger racket producers. Click here to see which.

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