Mikkel Assing

Youth Head coach and ass. league-coach in Værløse. Previously worked as head coach in Viby J. and helped them to the top of Danish talentdevelopment for youth players.

Read what Mikkel has to say about GripFixer in the video.

Nadia Lyduch

Respected coach in Danish badminton.

Elitecoach for more than 25 years. Has been Headcoach in Greve (both youth and senior). Worked with a lot of players previously and are currently training at the national badminton center.

Hear what Nadia has to say about GripFixer in the video.

Tested and approved by DGI

(DGI is together with Badminton Denmark the official Danish associations behind badminton in Denmark).

”We have seen GripFixer in action - and we are very pleased with the results. Therefore, we have also chosen to include it in our MiniTon Equipment Bag (for clubs)."

Christian Nymand

Headcoach, Hjørring

Responsible for the youth elite class, Vendsyssel Elite

« Waouw... I have tested on two girls - C and D players within U15 and U17 series. For the first time, the swing bows are correct...and power is visible from the lower arms...

I am pretty sure, you have hit something that is here to stay!».

Louise Fogelstroem

Mother to Aksel on 6 years.

Former Elite player (& former national player)

”It has been a great succes. It was easy for Aksel to apply GripFixer to his racket, and it has corrected his grip, so that he no longer uses the infamous "panhandle grip". We have been really satisfied with GripFixer, and he has found it much more fin to practice, after being able to hold the racket correctly, and therefore can hit the shuttle better."

Steen Thomsen

Head-coach Kolding BK the most winning club at the Danish nationals the past 3 years).

Named "coach of the year 2017" by Badminton Denmark.

”Talent development is really important to us! I the development stage of GripFixer Morten asked us for feedback on the product. From what we experienced, we have already ordered GripFixer to Kolding - we are looking forward to using GripFixer."