A small physical helping-device, to help hold the correct grip on a badminton racket

You cannot get around the fact that learning the correct grip is extremely important. At the same time, people who have worked with teaching the correct grip to beginners know that it has some challenges and takes a considerable amount of resources.

GripFixer is
Tested and recommended by DGI badminton (DGI is together with Badminton Denmark the official Danish associations behind badminton in Denmark). 

Designed and developed in cooperation with DTU (Danish Technical University), and with feedback from a lot of Danish top-coaches - see which here

Tested on hundreds of youth players at all levels 

Recommended by a lot of top-coaches - see some of them here

With GripFixer you get
Funnier experience
For most people there is a joy associated with knowing that they are doing it correctly - with GripFixer they know that they are holding correctly.

Faster development
You do not waste time. They avoid using a lot of time learning something incorrectly, unlearn the incorrect, then to be able to learn it correctly. Which provides a far better foundation for them to build on.

Easier learning
It is difficult to learn the correct grip, and a coach can correct the player many times. Now the coach can focus on other things, for example making the practice even funnier.